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Imaginary Countries - This ring is a collection of imaginary countries.

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Imaginary Countries

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Manager: spum
This ring is a collection of imaginary countries.

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   BAHARI WAKATI: Nyeusi Nafsi Version Preview Go
Witness the creation of the most Worldwide group of fictional heroic characters now in futuristic mode. From the Ancient Chinese Dynasties, the Nubian Empire, the Aztec & Mayan Civilizations, etc, they are all brought together in one artistic project, keeping their uniqueness.
   Damien's Geofantasy Page Preview Go
View maps of imaginary countries and planets by Damien and other artists.
   Virtual Furry World Preview Go
A megasite composed of many smaller furry themed sites joined to create a vast imaginary landscape full of wonder and fun.

   State of Porto Claro Preview Go
Porto Claro is a tiny nation in South America, a mix of Monagasque principality with banana republics. It is ruled by a ruthless tyrant yet preserves many of wannabe-European stylish aristocracy. PC had been a micronation for 10 years (1992-2002) but now it's returned to an entirely fictional creation.
   A History of Atlantis and the Atlantean Empire Preview Go
The history of Atlantis and its empire, supposedly discovered in an alternate world. It contains detailed descriptions of Atlantean geography, society, arts, philosophy, warfare and languages throughout its history.
   Welcome to Helvmark! Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Helvmark is a group of islands in the North Sea off the coast of Denmark. It is part of Scandinavia but also has links to the United Kingdom due to its history. It has two official languages - Helvish and English. This website gives a visitor to the island an idea of how it operates - transport, government, commerce, etc.
   Cyberia - Ministry of Foreign Relations Preview Go
Foreign office for the Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia, a virtual micronation on the Internet since 1997.
   Micronation and Sovereignty Website Index Preview Go
A collection of links devoted to sovereignty movements, small self-governing lands and new country projects, as well as model countries and micronations.
   Confederacy of Eirennia Scotia Preview Go
Eirennia Scotia is a fictitious nation in the world of Aurora and is part of a game called ImagiNations. Aurora is an interaction Geofiction/ Geofantasy where nations can interact with each other. WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW PLAYERS!
   The Parliament Monarchy of Ferlmonia Preview Go
My site describes the Parliamental Monarchy of Ferlmonia. Ferlmonia is an island nation in the Atlantic Ocean that is mostly Christian and technologically in the Middle Ages . So far my site describes the history, government, and other basic facts of Ferlmonia. I plan to add more soon however.

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